Our Partners



In addition to our proven capability to meet contract requirements, we have also demonstrated success at teaming with other firms to complement our core competencies or to complement theirs. Our strategy is to meet the needs of our clients, first and foremost, and we have implemented approaches that create a cooperative, rather than a competitive, resourcing model with other firms.  In many large, government agency contracts, the agencies have divided their support requirements among multiple, external technology firms. We have responded to this mandate and proactively pursued new business opportunities with firms with which we share a common philosophy and complementary skills and expertise.

Strategic Alliances


Dix Logistics and Associates (DL&A)

DL&A has found that in an economic environment which constantly exerts pressure to downsize staffing and reduce cost while still providing superior services to clients, there is a growing trend in the use of business-to-business "alliances". These alliances are special relationships between companies where they work together to deliver an "all encompassing" package of specialized services to clients. This is a more efficient and effective approach that provides substantial benefits to clients.    

Our company believes in developing strategic alliances and has teamed with several companies over the past several years to provide services that keep costs down which allows the client to focus on maximizing profits and meeting their goals. Several of our alliances are listed below.  


•Cojon Services Unlimited (CSU)

•McAleese and Associates 

•Dgtl-Factory Inc

•Global Business Management Solutions

•The 5 Ps LLC

•Huntington Ingalls Industries 

•Direct Transportation Solutions

•Graham and Associates Inc

•Envision Innovative Solutions, Inc

•Regional Black Contractors Association

•Lenserf & Co.

•Redriver Science and Technology LLC

•Jude 3 Digital

•WDS Inc.

•Executive Business Solutions

•Global Intellectual Properties Inc.

•Cojon Services Unlimited (CSU)

•Aurora Global Solutions

•Code Red Technologies LLC

•Capital Construction

•Beethoven Group 4 Heroes

•AAD Construction

•Cojon Services Unlimited (CSU)